Thank you…

I would like to thank the following people for helping us during Anjuli’s journey.

The entire Jacobs family

……for Everything!

My dear friend Rose

For Being There, Caring and Loving us.

My dear friend Tegan

For Also Being There, Caring and Loving us.

….and to both of your families for sharing you during the difficult times.

The staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital, most especially:

Dr. Russ Geyer,

Dr. James Olson,

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen,

all of our nurses

and all of our Child Life Specialists who worked small miracles every day.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation

For making Anjuli’s dream to meet Cinderella come true!

Sumner Presbyterian Church

For sustaining us in more ways than one.

Cindy & David Conlin

For being such great friends and for helping so much.

And to your family for sharing you both with us.

Jan Kiley

For being like my second Mom.

My dear friend Cathy

For walking the valley with me and for sharing your sweet Angel Sarah.

The entire staff of Birth to Three Developmental Center in Federal Way, WA

For donating so much vacation time so we could stay afloat, and for your understanding.

My mom

For being Anjuli’s Grandma.

The generous folks in Sumner, WA

For helping out.

My neighbors

For keeping an eye on things and keeping the lawn mowed.

Songs of Love,

For the beautiful song you wrote and produced for Anjuli.

All of Anjuli’s amazing therapists

For helping.

The ER at MaryBridge Children’s Hospital

For saving Anjuli’s life more than once.

The paramedics in Sumner, WA


Our compassionate pharmacist, Mark Sallander

For helping with dozens of medications and chemos.

The amazingly talented author Lisa Willever

For dedicating a book to Anjuli, and for all the books and assistance that followed.

The kind men who built a wheelchair ramp for Anjuli

And did so practically overnight.

All of the parents of children who were fighting or had fought the same deadly disease

For generously sharing advice, tips and prayers.

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