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Read on to meet my little girl who fought hard, but was still called home too soon. Anjuli Jacobs was a child of light and love. She was cherished by many and loved many. From a very early age she touched everyone with her compassion and caring. Born a few days before Thanksgiving in 1996, she truly was her mother’s greatest gift and her greatest joy.

Anjuli loved her family, her friends, her home and her church. She was baptized May 4, 1997. She enjoyed dancing, painting, reading, jumping and running and snuggling. She loved dolls, ponies, tea parties, songs, picnics, videos and princesses.

My little “punkin” gave love and laughter to all her knew her. A caring and sharing child, Anjuli believed in the power of hugs and kisses. Other children in her daycare used to line up to greet her with hugs in the mornings when I dropped her off! Her teachers had never seen anything like it.

She was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor in October 2000, right before her fourth birthday. Though she had been sick for months prior, we didn’t see and couldn’t even imagine childhood cancer! Though stunned and gripped with pain and fear, we all rallied for Anjuli’s battle. But her cancer, a GBM IV in the brain stem, also called an intrinsic brain stem glioma, is the most deadly of all and we were told she was terminal right when they first found the ugly monster growing inside her pretty little head.

Anjuli bravely fought and inspired all who knew her. Medical staff continually marveled at the bravery and courage of this darling little dancer. And although debilitated by this devastating disease, Anjuli never complained. She refused to let cancer dim the brightness of her light.

With the help of loving family, friends and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, she was able in her last months to meet a real ballerina, ride a horse-drawn sleigh in the snow, and visit Disneyland where she met Cinderella! To this day I am grateful beyond words that we were able to give these beautiful, treasured experiences to Anjuli. Without them, I would never have been able to say goodbye.

Though her cancer was deadly, we still tried everything to save her: a phase I clinical trial, other chemos, radiation, nutritional support, exotic herbs, prayers from around the world and even Compassionate Use of a new anti-cancer drug that held much promise. All failed Anjuli.

She accepted Christ in December 2000, and lived to see another Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day. Anjuli returned to the angels June 22, 2001, one day shy of eight months after diagnosis. She was four and a half. Her tragic loss will be felt forever.

 I will always love you Anjuli!. –mama

Anjuli Jacobs

born: 11/24/96

baptized: 5/4/97

diagnosed: 10/23/00 intrinsic brain stem glioma

returned to the angels: 6/22/01

We Must Stop Childhood Cancer!!

The only hope for ending these dreadful diseases that kill almost 3,000 children in the United States every year is research! Research for cures and for less toxic treatments! Cures will not fall from the sky! If you believe innocent children who have not made poor lifestyle choices and who do not deserve to suffer and die should not have to get cancer, then support childhood cancer research in any way you can. More than a classroom full of children get newly diagnosed in our country every day!! This is not okay!!

     TheU.S.has virtually ended polio and has mapped the human genome, we can find cures for childhood cancer!

Here are some good childhood cancer research organizations. Your donations can make a difference and help speed the way toward cures! Please make donations in memory of Anjuli Jacobs, who did not live long enough.

The Anjuli Jacobs Endowment for Brain Stem Glioma Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital:    Please click on “other” under the “optional: I want my gift to go to” space and type in The Anjuli Jacobs Endowment if you’d like to help in the fight against this most deadly of all cancers.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation:    The leading childhood cancer research funder in the U.S. where 82% of each dollar donated goes directly to researchers.

Also needing your support are:

The Ronald McDonald House, which provides housing and support to seriously ill children and their families when they have to travel for care. My second daughter Emily, who has chiari malformation with a synrix, and I stayed there when we traveled from Alaska to Seattle Childrens. You can donate from

And The Make a Wish Foundation. They make wishes and dreams come true for thousands of very sick kids every year. They granted Anjuli’s wish to visit Cinderella. She died just 11 days later. You can even donate airline miles. Go here:

Thank you!!

~ Marcia,

Anjuli’s, and now also Emily’s, mommy